Shahid Masood Khan widely known as Dr Shahid Masood is a Pakistani medical doctor A psychiatrist. He is also a Political Writer, Journalist, analyst and host of live with Dr Shahid Masood.

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His career in broadcast journalism began after the terror attacks in the United States in 2001. During this time, he conducted various political interviews of many of country’s influential statesmen and politicians. Prior to this, he also served as Group executive director of GEO News and President of ARY Digital Network. He was appointed managing director of Pakistan Television Network (PTV) by Prime Minister Yousaf Gilani in 2008; though he resigned from this position.

As of current, he regularly writes in Newsweek Middle East and hosts a show on NEWS-ONE. He is known for his tough rhetoric against the US-led policies on the War on Terror.

Dr Masood boldly takes on all the corrupt political elite, who are sucking the blood of the great nation of Pakistan. Live with Dr Shahid Masood is the no 1 and most watched talk show in pakistan and by pakistanis around the world.

His Program provides insight into deep rooted corruption in pakistan. Dr Shahid Masood is one of the most informed journalist around. Though He is often the source of major breaking news but among the journalist community Dr Shahid does not get the same respect he deserves.

Journey From End Of Times To Live With Dr Shahid Masood

live with dr shahIn 2001 Dr Masood did the famous program The End Of Times which went viral at that time and is still watched by 1000’s on the internet. End Of times gives us great insight into the events leading to the judgement day.

Having had the fame he started to host Meray Mutabiq on Geo news and than moved on to Live With Dr Shahid Masood.

He moved from one channel to another but the program remained the same and that just shows his brand name value. People believe everything that comes out of his mouth.

Dr Shahid Masood Knows the public opinion on important current affairs and always supports the narative of the people.

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